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French food delivery company FourFourSecond has launched a new service, dubbed Breakfast, that allows diners to order breakfast in a matter of seconds.

The service, which offers breakfast for €5.49 (£4.90) a piece, allows users to choose from a variety of breakfast options, including a traditional French toast, scrambled eggs, scrambled bacon, a biscuit, and a breakfast sausage, for €3.99 (£2.40) each.

The company’s chief executive, Yves-Yves L’Aime, said the breakfast service was aimed at providing customers with the convenience and speed of ordering from a central location.

“We are here to make a difference to the breakfast experience,” he said.

“With this new service we are giving people access to breakfast and a whole new experience to choose the perfect breakfast for the next day.”

The service is being rolled out to all restaurants in France from Monday, July 31, with more restaurants expected to launch within the coming weeks.

In the UK, the popular delivery service, Eatwell, is also rolling out a similar service that allows users select a variety from the range of breakfast products to choose.

The breakfast service has also been available to customers in Germany, Spain, France, Italy, and the United Kingdom.