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A California Muslim-Christian woman is alleging that the Church violated her right to practice her religion by not allowing her to use the church’s religious services in lieu of her own.

According to the Los Angeles Times, Lina Khoury is suing Scientology in the Southern District of California, where she lives.

She alleges that the church “violated her constitutional rights under the First Amendment of the United States Constitution to worship as she chooses.”

The suit alleges that Khourys first contact with Scientology began after she moved to Los Angeles in 2004 and that she and her husband, Hani Khouryan, were introduced to the church in 2012.

She says she was then offered a position as a volunteer in the church and that her husband was asked to join her in that position.

She alleges that she refused the offer and was eventually fired.

According the suit, in August 2015, Khourya filed a grievance with the church alleging that she had been “wrongfully discriminated against” in a job application process, and was denied employment at the time of her termination.

Khouryah said she was later told that her employment with the religion was terminated due to her religious beliefs.

The lawsuit claims that the lawsuit was dismissed after Khourahyan was denied a second chance for a job.

Khoulyan was able to file a complaint with the Southern Civil Rights Division, which found that the claim was without merit.

However, the lawsuit says that the suit was not dismissed and is being litigated in federal court.

The Church of Spiritual Technology, which operates Scientology’s California offices, said in a statement that it had no comment on the case.


The suit says that Khouly, a member of the Muslim faith, has suffered financial hardships since leaving Scientology, which she said has caused her to “crave justice for myself and my family.”

She said that her family has been “disgusted” by the church, which has been accused of mistreating Muslims and other minority groups.

Khoury’s attorneys have argued that the family’s legal issues are moot since the suit is no longer pending and has not affected their ability to pursue the suit.

The Times notes that Scientology is one of several churches that have come under fire in recent years for their policies on homosexuality.

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