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The Los Angeles Chargers have announced they will make their second Super Bowl appearance in 21 years.

The Chargers, who defeated the Oakland Raiders in overtime in a playoff game on Jan. 5, 2017, will be the first team to do so since the Pittsburgh Steelers in 1970.

The Chargers won their first Super Bowl in 2009 and their last in 2018.

The NFL announced the team’s 2016 Super Bowl title game victory on Monday and announced the Superbowl title game as well.

The team also will play its third straight game in the 2017 season, when they host the New Orleans Saints.

The announcement comes after the Chargers hosted the New England Patriots in the second game of the NFL’s first-ever divisional playoff series in Week 11, which is the AFC West and the NFC South.

The 2017 regular season is scheduled to start on Feb. 9.

The playoffs will start on March 9.