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The average daily car travel in Melbourne has fallen to 3.8 kilometres, a drop of more than 50 kilometres in the past 12 months.

But that doesn’t mean all drivers are making the most of the time off the clock.

A new report by the ABC shows that some drivers have no choice but to drive when they can, particularly when the city is in a drought.

“It’s just like the old saying, ‘don’t go into the bush, you’ll just get run over’,” ABC News Breakfast’s Dan McGowan said.

So how does a Melbourne driver get around without a car? “

And the reason is that if there’s no cars available, then the people who have a choice are choosing not to drive.”

So how does a Melbourne driver get around without a car?

One way is to have a dedicated carpool.

This is when drivers can share the roads and share the same route to avoid the congestion of having to drive.

But it’s not a guaranteed way to get around Melbourne.

The ABC’s Dan Macdonald said many drivers in Melbourne are already choosing to take the same road when it comes to carpools.

“There are some cities that do have carpool lanes, but they’re just not as prevalent in Melbourne as they are in Sydney,” he said.

But Mr McGowan says the new report shows that a carpool is essential to getting around Melbourne during the drought.

For instance, the report showed that in May and June 2016, just over 40 per cent of drivers used their own carpool, compared to just 15 per cent in September and October.

“The number of people that are actually taking the bus to work has actually gone up in Melbourne,” he explained.

“In June last year, there were 473,000 people taking the public bus, up from 541,000 two years earlier.”

In November, more than a quarter of commuters in Melbourne used their carpool to get to work.

But despite the new findings, many drivers say they’re still happy to get their daily commute to work without a vehicle.

Mr McGannon said some drivers are choosing to use a car pool to get a ride from home.

“They just have no other choice,” he told ABC Radio Melbourne.

A number of cities have car pools.

But Melbourne is one of the most car-dependent cities in Australia.

More than 80 per cent carpool drivers in the city do not have a vehicle, and only 3 per cent use a public transport system like the public transport network.

“That’s a huge amount of people who are just unable to get on a public bus or a public train or public bus service,” Mr McGawan said.

This leaves Melbourne commuters in a tough position.

The report shows nearly half of Melbourne’s commuters said they would have to drive to work if they were to continue commuting without a driver.