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This is a new edition of our weekly football guide.

Today we will take a look at the Premier League.

This is not a list of the best clubs in the world but rather a guide to the best teams in the Premier Leagues (LPL).

So, for your entertainment purposes, here are the top five teams in this league.1.

Tottenham Hotspur A team that is arguably the most exciting in the league and that has had a massive rise in popularity.

The players, the fans and the atmosphere are second to none.

They have managed to take over the league in a short space of time and they have become the favourite team of many.

If you like a good party, then you will find a way to watch them play.

The team are playing in front of a sold-out crowd every week.

The fact that they play in the capital, London, and have the ability to play in London is a bonus.2.

Liverpool Liverpool are a team that you cannot quite call elite.

Their fans are very passionate, but they have also managed to build a team and an atmosphere that are the envy of the Premier league.

There are some fantastic players, including Luis Suarez, Daniel Sturridge and Philippe Coutinho.

They are a great team that could do with a bit of luck in the transfer market but their fans will be the ones cheering them on every week to the tune of 40,000.3.

West Ham United They are a little bit further down the list than Liverpool.

They haven’t had a great run of form in recent years and are struggling to keep pace with the top four.

Their first season back in the top flight was a struggle.

But this time around, the Hammers have improved and are playing top quality football.

It is a team of class that is sure to bring excitement to a London crowd every Sunday.4.

Crystal Palace The Palace faithful will be delighted to hear that they are not the only club in England who have won the FA Cup.

Crystal do not have a lot of firepower but they are a very good team that have proven their worth.

The manager, Alan Pardew, has a fantastic backroom staff and they are able to pull off a lot in a very short period of time.5.

Everton Everton is the only Premier League team in the current top four that is not currently a club that is going to be competing for the top three.

They will be hoping that they can take their form and improve over the course of the season.

They won the Premier Cup with a fantastic team last season and they will be desperate to return to the competition.6.

West Bromwich Albion It is easy to forget that Albion were one of the biggest teams in England before the 2011-12 season.

The club are still one of football’s biggest names, and they played their way back to the top of the table.

However, their form is not good enough to make it to the Europa League this season.

As a result, they are looking to the next round of the competition, the Capital One Cup.

The Baggies play their home games at Goodison Park and they play some of the most thrilling football in the division.7.

Swansea City The Swans have been in the Championship since 2010.

They finished in the bottom three in the table in the 2011/12 season and then went up to the FA cup final.

They also lost to Liverpool in the final of the League Cup.

However the players have not been bad.

They scored eight goals last season, including four goals from James Ward-Prowse.

The striker is the most important player in the side and the likes of Diego Costa and Gylfi Sigurdsson will be making their mark in the centre of the park.8.

Manchester City City’s form in the last few years has been phenomenal.

They had a lot to do with that but it is hard to argue with their record in the Champions League.

They made it to three finals in a row, and in the process, they won the title.

They look set to repeat this feat this season and the manager, Manuel Pellegrini, has done a fantastic job.9.

Arsenal The Gunners are still in the middle of their Premier League run and it is difficult to see them getting to the end of it.

But the players are doing everything in their power to ensure that they will reach the final.

The best thing that can happen is that they win the Premier Shield this season, which is something that they have not done since 2004.10.

Manchester United Manchester United have won more than any other team in England in recent seasons.

They played in the Europa Cup and have been one of Europe’s most successful teams.

The Red Devils have been consistent throughout their history and the players look to get back on track this season as they look to secure their place in the elite tier.11