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Digital dailying services have been suspended by Iran, with the country’s central bank suspending all payments to companies that provide them.

The move comes after the central bank decided to suspend the banking industry as part of its broader crackdown on financial transactions and financial crimes.

The announcement comes after Iran imposed a slew of sanctions on the country on Monday, including a ban on banks and other financial institutions, restrictions on oil exports, and a ban for foreign banks and investment firms to transfer funds out of Iran.

“The central bank of Iran announced that all payment systems for digital dails services will be suspended,” a statement posted on the centralbank’s website said on Wednesday.

“This is in response to the banking crisis that has affected the country in the last few days.”

“We strongly advise all the businesses and individuals who rely on digital dairies to discontinue such services,” the statement continued.

“All financial transactions will be monitored and the necessary measures taken by the central banks to prevent such transactions.”

Digital dailiness has become popular among Iranians after the sanctions, which targeted several Iranian companies including internet services provider Aseman, and internet companies.

According to Iranian news site Alireza, the country was able to increase digital dailing by 20 percent in the first half of this year compared to the same period last year.

Iranian Prime Minister Mohammad Bagher Ghali said last week that digital dashing services could provide more access to Iranian citizens and could help Iranians get around the country.