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Twitter and Facebook have announced that they are taking measures to address the problems that are affecting the social networks and their users, according to The Verge.

The three companies announced the steps today and promised to continue to do so.

The companies announced they will take the following actions: Twitter will remove the daily service announcement feature, a feature that allows users to read about and follow people on Twitter.

Facebook will make the new feature accessible to users.

Facebook users who do not use the new features will be able to access it from their “Featured Stories” section, which will also allow them to share posts from other users.

The Verge reports that the news comes a day after Twitter and Twitter’s parent company, Alphabet, said it would shut down the daily services in a move that it described as a “corporate restructuring.”

The news comes after Facebook announced in January that it would stop making its daily services free to users, and also a day before Facebook announced it would not be removing its service altogether.