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The Dallas Morning News reported Monday that the city of Dallas is planning to start rolling out daily buses from its existing rail system by the end of the year, the same date as the next major overhaul of its transit system, the one that began in mid-April.

A similar program is being rolled out in Houston.

But, for now, those new buses will operate on the old routes.

Here’s what you need to know: The Dallas bus fleet has grown significantly since the beginning of the century.

There are now more than 500,000 daily buses in the city.

The city has taken over the busing of a much larger portion of the population than before, when buses ran mainly on the north side of the city and the south side.

The buses now run from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., with stops on major thoroughfares.

The old system was primarily operated by the Texas Department of Transportation.

But in recent years, the Dallas-Fort Worth Area Transit Authority, or DPSA, has taken the lead in taking over the entire busing operation.

The Dallas-Houston area has about a quarter of the region’s population and a population of about 2.6 million.

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The new buses, which the city says will run 24 hours a day, are supposed to bring more traffic congestion and congestion to the Dallas area than any of the old buses, as well as a new cost to the city that officials say will be passed on to the taxpayer.

The Dallas Morning Report article The plan also calls for a new downtown bus terminal and an expansion of the light rail system, which has been running for decades but has not been fully completed.

The two lines have been operating as the Dallas/Fort Worth-El Paso and Houston-Arlington bus routes for more than a century.

Both lines have operated without much public notice, with many stops on city streets.

But last week, the city filed a lawsuit to challenge the status quo of the lines, which are running in a state of near-constant shutdown.

The lawsuit said the city could not get the new buses to operate as efficiently as the old ones because of new technology.

DART said in a statement that it was working on “the finalization of a new system that will continue to provide reliable and reliable service to Dallas and to the surrounding region.”

“The Dallas-Dallas-Houston system will remain operational to provide Dallas commuters with reliable service, while the new bus terminal will provide the public and visitors with a better alternative to take public transit,” the statement said.

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