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I know it’s hard to believe, but the NFL is finally back in action after a hiatus of some time.

It’s a great time to be a fantasy football player, and I’m always looking forward to the next installment. 

It’s only fair to let the NFL go back to the basics. 

In honor of the return of fantasy football (and the return to some semblance of normalcy), here are some of my favorite fantasy-related stories from Week 7.


Mike Trout’s strikeout total will fall again after Thursday’s game (CBS Sports) In the first three weeks of the season, Trout’s strikeouts fell to a new low, a league source told ESPN’s Jon Heyman.

That was the first time Trout hit his lowest total since September 2011, when he hit a career-low 13.4 K/9.

Trout’s previous lowest total was 13.1 K/10 in 2016.

Trout has been a very reliable strikeout pitcher over the past couple of seasons, with his strikeout rate being just over two-thirds of league average.

That’s something he can use to his advantage, especially in fantasy leagues, where his average number of strikeouts per 9.0 innings pitched will be a very high number.

Trout will get his first home run of the year against the Cubs on Thursday night, so this should be a fun night for fantasy owners.


The Astros will make it back to baseball (AP) The Astros are officially back in baseball. 

The Astros announced their official return to the major leagues this morning, after missing the entire 2016 season due to the birth of their second child, Houston native Jason Castro. 

“It was really hard to leave Houston,” Castro said in a statement.

“I’ve always been an Astros fan and I just felt like I had to get back in the game.” 

Houston is the first team to ever return to their original lineup since the Astros were in the National League from 1997 to 2003, when the team went 21-57 and missed the playoffs for the first five years. 

That was when Houston’s team of former players made the World Series, and then went on to win the National Association in 2008 and the World Championship in 2010.


Kanye West is going to be the next big thing (The Associated Press) Kanye West will be the biggest artist of all time, according to Billboard’s 2018 Artist Power Rankings, and he will soon be the best-selling artist of 2017.

The charts showed Kanye West as the No. 1 artist with 2.4 million sales in the week ending Aug. 1, 2018.

Kanye’s 2017 album The Life of Pablo had a combined gross of more than $2 billion.

It peaked at No. 6 on the Billboard 200, the chart that counts sales by album.

His 2017 album, The Life Of Pablo, is the third-biggest selling album of all-time.


Travis Kelce is going back to his old college team for the 2018 season (Getty Images) Travis Kelce will be taking his talents to his new college team in 2019, according the Houston Chronicle.

Kelce has been back on the football field for the University of Oklahoma, where he was a star defensive back, starting all 10 games for the Sooners in 2018. 

When the OU football team moved to the NCAA in 2020, it gave Kelce a chance to play on offense, and that was when he began to take off in the NFL.

Kelley will now be able to focus on his basketball career at Texas, the team that drafted him in the third round of the 2018 draft.


Pete Carroll will make his mark in Seattle (Reuters) Pete Carroll’s Seattle Seahawks have lost seven games in a row, and the team is in danger of missing the playoffs.

They’re 3-2 in the past five games and have lost four straight, and they are tied for the worst record in the NFC.

The Seahawks lost their first four games of the month of August, but that’s where things started to look bleak for Seattle. 

They are 2-3 in their last eight games. 

A loss on Sunday would put Seattle on the outside looking in, and it seems like it will be difficult for Carroll to find his way back to Seattle without winning a game.


Arian Foster’s career will end with a Super Bowl title (Associated Press) The Houston Texans running back was a key piece of the Super Bowl winning 2000 team, but he is done playing football. 

On Wednesday, he announced that he will no longer be with the team. 

He said in his statement that he felt that I was not contributing to the team and that I should not be here with them.

I am very disappointed and heartbroken by this decision. 

Foster is a two-time Pro Bowl selection and a Hall of Fame running back.

He played for seven NFL