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FourFourFourTwo: Why should we give up our prayers and services to our gods?

article Two things have changed in India over the past 25 years.

One is that prayer services have become more expensive, the other that we have had to give up the old, outdated, outdated ways of saying prayers.

There is no doubt that both these developments have contributed to the increasing number of people who feel that their religious life is not a sacred one.

While we should not be complacent in our faith, we must not give up on our traditions or traditions.

It is a matter of time, however, before we are able to return to a more peaceful and fulfilling way of life.

We must also ensure that those who are still doing the same old thing in their daily lives can continue to do so without any issues.

The people who do not believe in God or who are unwilling to abandon the old ways of worship must, however for now, have their way.

What do you think? 

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