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Posted October 06, 2018 08:59:13 Amazon has removed DRM on all of its Kindle books and audiobooks, but the company isn’t stopping there.

The tech giant announced Monday that it will now allow its customers to buy books from the Kindle Store and other third-party sellers, including those on Amazon’s own website.

Amazon says that all of the DRM removed will be available to all Kindle devices running the new operating system, so anyone with an Android phone can now buy a book on

This makes the Kindle e-reader a great place to buy audioboots, books, and other digital content.

DRM is an outdated, outdated concept that has long been removed from most modern devices.

That’s the message Amazon is sending to consumers, who are increasingly using their phones, tablets, and computers to buy and consume digital content, as opposed to physical copies.

“We’re going to offer a new way to buy from our store,” said Paul Pogue, senior vice president of Amazon’s online books business.

“This new way lets you purchase from third-parties that don’t require us to have a physical storefront.”

DRM on e-readers and other devices is a complicated issue, but it is a major one, especially given that e-books are becoming increasingly popular with readers who don’t have the same need to have DRM on their books and audio CDs.

A 2015 survey by the New York Times found that 70 percent of U.S. adults read books online, but just 19 percent read them in print.

DRM has been around for years, but Amazon says it has made it a lot easier for customers to find and purchase books that can be used in any setting, including the Kindle store.

The company says that its new DRM-free service will let people buy from its Amazon-hosted store, where customers can find e-book titles, audiobook titles, and audiobook audioblogs.

(Amazon’s Kindle eReaders are also available through third-source sellers, but those third- Party sellers are typically owned by the same company that hosts the Kindle site.)

Kindle owners can also use the new service to purchase digital content on their smartphones or other devices, but they will have to use their Amazon account to do so.

The Kindle service is available for both Android and iOS devices.

Users will need to set up an account on Amazon to be able to download books or audiobones, and then add books or other content to their account.

Once they have added a book or other digital item, they can buy it directly from Amazon.

“The new Amazon Kindle Store is one of the most complete, customizable digital content distribution experiences available today,” said Peter Stuyvesant, president and chief executive officer of Amazon.

He added that the company has “committed to delivering the best digital experience to our customers and to building a world-class e-commerce ecosystem for all users.”

The Kindle Store isn’t just a way for Amazon to make money off of its customers.

Its service also offers a new revenue stream for Amazon: It helps customers who want to use Amazon’s Kindle software on their computers, tablets and other hardware.

That means the company is likely hoping that the new DRM will help offset the costs of creating and maintaining the software itself.

In a recent blog post, Amazon’s CEO Steve Blank said that the Kindle service “is designed to give you more control over your Kindle experience and a better experience overall.”

That could help make the service more appealing to customers who may not be accustomed to using software like the Kindle, and who may want to switch over to the Kindle device as soon as possible.

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