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The artist who has been on stage for more than two decades says she is still recovering from a cancer diagnosis.

Maeve Jones, who has lived in London for more then 30 years, spoke about her experience of remission in an interview with the Daily Mail on Wednesday.

“I’m in remission and I’m very fortunate.

It’s just the feeling of freedom that I had,” she said.”

It was a little bit overwhelming, but it’s all a bit surreal.

You can’t really explain it to people, but I feel like I have the greatest support that I could possibly ask for.”

You’re not going to be able to live in the same house for the rest of your life.

You’re going to have to leave.

That’s the reality of living with cancer.

“A lot of people are just hoping that the cancer will go away, but unfortunately it doesn’t.”

Jones is best known for her work with the BBC’s Dancing with the Stars, and has been touring in support of her album.

“My life is very different now, I don’t have the same social life as I used to.

I’m getting better at it, and that’s the most important thing,” she told the Daily Mirror.”

People still come up to me and say, ‘You were such a big influence on me’.

I would like to be remembered for the good things that I have done, not the bad things. “

But people still do say things about me that are not true.

Jones said she would love to be on stage again.””

I just wish people would think about the positives and not just focus on the negatives.”

Jones said she would love to be on stage again.

“What I would really like is to go on tour again, because I can’t believe how much I have changed, but hopefully it won’t take me off stage,” she added.