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On Wednesday, Israel began a new round of missile defense exercises with the United States, the first of its kind in the region in nearly 20 years.

Israel will also deploy two interceptor missiles to the southern city of Sderot, which is the Israeli capital.

The defense system is part of a broader regional security effort aimed at countering threats from Iran, North Korea and China.

In its announcement, Israel called it a “bold move” that would protect the country’s vital Jewish and Arab communities.

“We are making a bold move and a strategic one, and the only thing that can stop it is Israel itself,” Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said at the ceremony.

The Sderotic missile interceptor, or the “sion” system, will be deployed from a U.S. Air Force F-15E Strike Eagle aircraft, which has been used to shoot down Israeli drones, according to Israel Defense Forces officials.

The interceptor will be stationed at the northern end of Skerbet Akiva, which covers the southern part of the city.

The missile system is designed to intercept ballistic missiles and other long-range missiles.

The missiles will be launched from the U.K.-based Golan Heights, and will be capable of striking targets within Israel and the entire Gaza Strip.

The United States and Israel have been at odds for decades over the conflict in the Gaza Strip, which Israel captured in the 1967 Six-Day War.

Israel and Egypt have maintained their separate armed forces for decades, but the current conflict has led to more than 100,000 Palestinians and hundreds of thousands of civilians dying in the past two years.

The Israeli military said on Wednesday that its military is “ready to respond to any and all attacks on our country, and this includes any threats directed against Israel.”

The defense systems are part of an ongoing effort by Israel to bolster its defenses against potential attacks from Iran and North Korea.

The U.N. Security Council last month voted unanimously to impose tougher sanctions on Iran, which the U,S.

and others accuse of being behind the deadly cyberattacks that struck the United Nations on March 16.

Iran denies the accusations.

The new system will be able to intercept up to six ballistic missiles at once, and is designed so that it will be hard for them to launch at close range.

It will also allow Israel to strike targets at ranges of up to a mile, which would be difficult to achieve with existing missiles.

“Israel has long said that we will be a safe country for its people,” Netanyahu said.

“But we must be able and prepared to defend ourselves and our citizens from all threats, including threats from countries that we do not recognize, and we must do so in a way that ensures the safety of our citizens, of the security of our city, of our people, and of our Jewish and Muslim neighbors.”

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