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What is the NFL’s new prayer service? 

The NFL has introduced a new, daily prayer prayer service in its regular season, which will start at halftime of each NFL game on Tuesday. 

It’s a big change from previous years, when the teams would begin the game in prayer. 

Instead, the players will be seated in front of a screen and will pray in a manner similar to a Bible study. 

The new service is expected to draw some controversy. 

 Some players have questioned the sincerity of the prayer.

Several players have criticized the practice as a sign of disrespect for the dead and the NFL Players Association. 

Other players have been vocal about the importance of prayer and have also spoken out against the prayer as disrespectful. 

According to the NFL, there will be more than 100 prayers at halftime on Tuesday, and all are open to the public. 

This service will be conducted by the NFL chaplain and will not require any prior consultation with the players. 

Fans will be allowed to attend as many as four prayers a day. 

As of Tuesday, the NFL has more than 1,400 players on its roster, and they will be in the stands during the prayer service. 

“As we are entering the final weeks of our season, we are excited to offer a prayer service to honor the life and legacy of our great players, coaches, and team members,” said NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell in a statement. 

(Via Fox Sports)