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In a world of tree service apps, one tree service that’s getting a lot of love is Daily Tree.

The app allows users to download and install trees, and it’s designed to provide an online service in a clean, intuitive way that’s free of ads.

In addition to trees, the service lets users create their own and share them with friends and family.

The Daily Tree team has also developed a new app called the Daily Tree Book, which is a companion to the service.

The service also lets users make a list of their favorite trees, with the goal of creating an online community.

The first app was released in March, and the app was downloaded over two million times in a single day.

Here are the top 5 most-shared and favorite trees from Daily Tree’s latest update:1.

Black Bear2.

Yellow Bell3.

Giant Redwood4.

Giant Orange5.



Pearly Painted Red8.

Yellow Pearly White9.

White Pine10.

Red Willow11.

Orange Pearly Black12.

Yellow Willow13.

Yellow Pine14.

Yellow Orange15.

Red Pine16.

Yellow White Pine17.

Yellow Black Pine18.

Yellow Yellow Pine19.

Yellow Blue Pine20.

Yellow Rose Pine21.

Yellow Red Pine22.

Yellow Brown Pine23.

Yellow Golden Pine24.

Yellow Green Pine25.

Yellow Purple Pine26.

Yellow Sand Pine27.

Yellow Walnut Pine28.

Yellow Chestnut Pine29.

Yellow Oak Pine30.

Yellow Maple Pine31.

Yellow Sugar Pine32.

Yellow Peppermint Pine33.

Yellow Strawberry Pine34.

Yellow Sweet Strawberry Pine35.

Yellow Cream Pine36.

Yellow Mint Pine37.

Yellow Grape Pine38.

Yellow Raspberry Pine39.

Yellow Peach Pine40.

Yellow Spice Pine41.

Yellow Ginger Pine42.

Yellow Cinnamon Pine43.

Yellow Oregano Pine44.

Yellow Jasmine Pine45.

Yellow Lavender Pine46.

Yellow Myrrh Pine47.

Yellow Orchid Pine48.

Yellow Peony Pine49.

Yellow Patchouli Pine50.

Yellow Passion Fruit51.

Yellow Pear Pine52.

Yellow Apricot Pine53.

Yellow Prune Pine54.

Yellow Lemon Pine55.

Yellow Lime Pine56.

Yellow Mango Pine57.

Yellow Persimmon Pine58.

Yellow Cherry Pine59.

Yellow Marmalade Pine60.

Yellow Cranberry Pine61.

Yellow Cottonwood Pine62.

Yellow Sage Pine63.

Yellow Cane Pine64.

Yellow Sunflower Pine65.

Yellow Snow Pine66.

Yellow Apple Pine67.

Yellow Lily Pine68.

Yellow Lotus Pine69.

Yellow Plum Pine70.

Yellow Lilac Pine71.

Yellow Amaranth Pine72.

Yellow Banana Pine73.

Yellow Palm Pine74.

Yellow Juniper Pine75.

Yellow Tulip Pine76.

Yellow Olive Pine77.

Yellow Oatmeal Pine78.

Yellow Hazelnut Pine79.

Yellow Asparagus Pine80.

Yellow Melon Pine81.

Yellow Citrus Pine82.

Yellow Parsnip Pine83.

Yellow Rutabaga Pine84.

Yellow Onion Pine85.

Yellow Starfruit Pine86.

Yellow Basil Pine87.

Yellow Clove Pine88.

Yellow Garlic Pine89.

Yellow Papaya Pine90.

Yellow Zinnia Pine91.

Yellow Thyme Pine92.

Yellow Ripe Pear Pine93.

Yellow Allspice Pine94.

Yellow Iris Pine95.

Yellow Amber Pine96.

Yellow Ruby Pine97.

Yellow Cayenne Pepper Pine98.

Yellow Carrot Pine99.

Yellow Thumb Lime Pine100.

Yellow Ylang Ylang Pine101.

Yellow Bitter Apple Pine102.

Yellow Honey Pine103.

Yellow Kaffir Lime Pine104.

Yellow Chamomile Pine105.

Yellow Lemongrass Pine106.

Yellow Opuntia Pine107.

Yellow Mandarin Pine108.

Yellow Mixteca Pine109.

Yellow Mulberry Pine110.

Yellow Wild Plum Pine111.

Yellow Summer Plum Pine112.

Yellow Fiddlehead Pine113.

Yellow Holly Pine114.

Yellow Asterisk Pine115.

Yellow Petal Pine116.

Yellow Butterfly Pine117.

Yellow Dandelion Pine118.

Yellow Coral Pine119.

Yellow Crabapple Pine120.

Yellow Celery Pine121.

Yellow Clover Pine122.

Yellow Collard Pine123.

Yellow Currant Pine124.

Yellow Eucalyptus Pine125.

Yellow Fir Tree126.

Yellow Forest Pine127.

Yellow Ivy Pine128.

Yellow Larch Pine129.

Yellow Locust Pine130.

Yellow Marshmallow Pine131.

Yellow Mahogany Pine132.

Yellow Mountain Plum Pine133.

Yellow Morning Glory Pine134.

Yellow Nutmeg Pine135.

Yellow Osmoregulate Pine136.

Yellow Phlox Pine137.

Yellow Poplar Pine138.

Yellow Radish Pine139.

Yellow Spruce Pine140.

Yellow Tea Tree Pine141.

Yellow Yam Yam Pine142.

Yellow Watermelon Pine143.

Yellow Tomato Pine144.

Yellow Camellia Pine145.

Yellow Evening Sun Pine146.

Yellow Cypress Pine147.

Yellow Euph