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Google is planning to launch daily crosswords on its India website in the coming weeks, a major move that could help Google’s international crossword competition gain momentum.

Google is expected to launch a daily cross-word service for the first time in India in March.

The new service will allow users to access their local version of the Google Search engine without requiring a mobile app.

Google will use the crossword feature to target users with the latest search queries and content, according to a report by Indian newspaper Mint.

Crosswords, which have become a cornerstone of Google’s online advertising strategy, have long been a target of Indian online publishers who charge hefty rates for crossword-related advertising.

Google recently acquired rival DailyDot for $5.9 billion, and is currently experimenting with an online crossword game called WordsWithFriends, which is similar to Google’s WordsWithStars.

The Google-owned news aggregator is now also launching a daily service.