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A new car crash has sent a number of emergency services scrambling to find victims.

Key points:The collision happened on the A1A in the ACT city of Canberra on Saturday morningA car was damaged, but no-one was injured in the crashThe driver of the car was later arrested and charged with dangerous drivingA number of services responded to the crash, including fire and ambulance servicesThe crash happened on a rural road in the city of ACT city, Canberra, at about 7:30am on Saturday.

The collision left two vehicles damaged, with the vehicle in the middle of the road on the highway.

“We’re looking at some serious damage to the vehicle and the car that is in the centre of the intersection, and we’re also looking at the road damage,” Canberra Fire and Emergency Service (AFES) Commissioner Brian Waddell said.

“I think there is going to be quite a bit of work to do.”

It’s not the first time we’ve had a car collision in the Canberra area, and it’s certainly not the last.

“There’s always going to come a time when people need to get out and get help.”‘

There were some minor injuries’Firefighters were called to the scene on the nearby A1 A4A road and were able to put out the fire.

Fire crews were also called to a nearby shopping centre to extinguish a fire.

“This morning we were able, in conjunction with fire services, to put a number on the number of people that were injured in that collision,” Mr Waddel said.”[The fire] did not appear to have started in the shop, and there were some injuries that we’ve dealt with on the scene.”

Mr Waddels said that as the investigation continued, they would be contacting people who may have been involved in the collision.

“A number have come forward and will be interviewed by the police and the fire service,” he said.

Emergency services also received calls from residents in the nearby suburb of Echuca and Canberra’s northern suburbs.

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