Bbc Daily Service

This week, CBC News is offering a daily freight service idea to give our readers a weekly dose of inspiration on how to manage their daily lives.

The weekly service is an idea we’ve been running for some time and the ideas have been popular, with people using them as inspiration for all sorts of different projects.

We’ll be sharing ideas on a weekly basis starting with the first idea and running through the rest.

If you have one idea that we’ve missed or you think you’ve got an idea, please drop us a line in the comments below.

Here are a few of the weekly ideas that we’re featuring:• Get out and walk your dog on the weekend and enjoy the warm weather.• Walk your dog at night with your friends and enjoy some quiet time.• Buy some clothes at your local thrift store.• Make a dinner reservation at a local restaurant and make a meal.• Get a job interview, get a new client and get your resume approved.• Go for a walk and enjoy a nice day.• Visit a wildlife reserve.• Take a walk with your kids.• Start a new hobby and explore it.

We hope you find some inspiration from these ideas and we’d love to hear from you.

If we miss any other weekly ideas, please let us know.

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