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The United States Department of Labor (DOL) has approved a contract for an independent janitor for the civil services of the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA).

The contractor, the National Guard Contracting Program (NGCP), will provide janitors for VA health care facilities, including hospitals and clinics.

The NGCP is a separate contractor from the VA.

According to the DOL, the NGCPs role is to provide support for civil service jobs that do not fall within the scope of the VA’s regular civilian workforce, such as cleaning and maintenance of VA facilities, clerical, and support work.

According a press release from the Dol, the contract “will allow the Ngcps janitor to serve at VA facilities in the field while still maintaining a position within the civilian workforce.”

The Ngcpp is a non-profit, private entity which is not part of the federal government.

The contract will be funded by the VA, the Dols budget, and the federal funds appropriated for civil works projects.

“The DOL is pleased to assist the Nggcps in achieving this goal by providing funding to ensure the health and safety of all veterans, their families and other civil servants,” said Michael T. McCabe, Acting Deputy Assistant Secretary for Civil Service Affairs for Civil Servants.

The contractor will be contracted by the DOC to perform civil service tasks for the VA in the Office of the Secretary of Veterans’ Affairs.

“As a government contractor, our primary mission is to deliver goods and services for the United State, and this new contract will ensure that we are able to provide the best possible services to the VA,” said VA Secretary Robert McDonald.

The new contract comes just a few months after a federal appeals court ruled that the VA failed to provide adequate oversight of its civil service contract.

The DOL initially rejected the ruling, citing the VA and the Office for Civil Rights (OCR) for failing to adequately protect veterans and the public from fraud and waste.

The VA’s contract for cleaning and maintaining VA facilities is also under review by the Office’s Office of Inspector General.

VA Secretary McDonald said that the contract will not be affected by the OCR decision.

“I am confident that the Ntgp will deliver quality service to the Department, veterans, and their families.

The Department will continue to work with the DOG to ensure that Ngcp contractors perform their mission and provide the VA with the benefits that the Veterans and their community deserve,” he said.

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