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The Seattle Public Utilities Commission (SPU) is scheduled to vote on a $5 billion capital plan Monday, but the transit agency’s board of directors is already looking at ways to make the trip more affordable.

A new service from downtown Vancouver to Seattle could be added to the list of services that could be available to help lower the cost of daily bus trips.

The new service, which will run from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., will be part of a “RapidRapid” service that is designed to connect downtown Seattle with Vancouver.

That service would also offer a trip that would run $40 more per trip, from the downtown core to the city’s downtown, which is expected to be about 10 percent cheaper than the average bus trip today.

The service would take riders to and from Downtown Vancouver via a new bus line known as RapidRapid, which also runs from Vancouver to downtown Seattle.

The new service would have a total capacity of 6,000 vehicles.

The bus line will connect downtown Vancouver with the city of Seattle via the Downtown Rapid Rapid Transit (DRT), a service originally launched in 2004 and now used to link the city with Vancouver via the West Coast Highway.

The DRT will have a peak service during the daytime, and a full service during rush hour.

It is unclear how much longer the DRT would operate, but if it is extended, it will be one of the largest single projects in the transit system.

A recent study by the City of Vancouver’s Strategic Planning and Infrastructure Management division estimated that the DRRT will add more than $2 billion in annual revenue to the transit network by 2027.

In the meantime, Seattle-Vancouver commuters will be able to save $40 by using the new service during peak hours.

It is scheduled for completion in 2019, but service will only begin to be offered in 2021.SPU Board member Mike O’Donnell told Polygon the new route could be introduced in the future.

The Seattle Transit Board (STB) will hold a public hearing on Monday to discuss the proposed service.

A public hearing is not required, but it is expected that the public will have time to comment.

The STB is expected hold a final vote on the service at its Oct. 27 meeting.

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