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A woman is struggling to keep a job after the home where she lived with her two children for a month is torn down for a new building.

A neighbour heard her cries for help, alerted police and sent her to a hospital.

She was told to come home but has since lost her job.

News24 contacted the owner of the property and he refused to comment on the circumstances surrounding the incident.

“The family has been living there for the last year,” he told News24.

We are just now getting the new building completed and it is still in the planning stage and we will not be getting the house finished until this new building is completed,” he said.

He added that the family had received no compensation.

News24 contacted several other residents and residents of the nearby properties who were also affected.

One woman who lives next door to the property, who did not want to be named, said: “We all have a house on the ground floor.

We are all living there.

There is no new house being built.

“Another neighbour, who was also unaware of the situation but who also lives in a neighbouring property, said the owner had promised to pay her rent, but the family has not received any money.

It is unclear whether the new property will be built.

Last week, a report revealed that a housing crisis had been caused by overcrowding in the Melbourne CBD, with many people sleeping on the streets.

The Victorian Government promised to tackle the issue in the first quarter of 2019, but is yet to provide any concrete action.

Homelessness in Melbourne’s CBD is now at a record high.

A spokeswoman for Melbourne City Council said the city’s Housing and Homelessness Taskforce had been working with local authorities to address the issue, including the removal of people from the street.

However, it said the taskforce had not been able to address homeless people from existing properties, which were considered “public spaces”.