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A new report from investment firm Morningstar has concluded that the US economic system has collapsed due to the massive amount of debt, and that the next recession is unlikely.

The report notes that the global economy is still in a strong position despite the financial crisis.

It says that the United States and the UK are the two largest economies in the world.

The report also points out that many countries have a high level of debt.

While the US is the most-affected country, the report points out, China is suffering as well.

The world economy is expected to grow by 0.8 percent in 2016, according to the report.

It predicts the country to grow 1.6 percent in 2017.

The most important issue facing the US and the US government is the debt, Morningstar states.

The US will default on its debt this year, according a statement from Morningstar.

The United States also will run out of cash this year and in 2021, which will likely lead to a severe drop in the US dollar and the global dollar.

The country will likely face a shortage of credit as well, which could cause many of the companies and businesses in the United State to close their doors, according the report from MorningStar.

The US debt crisis is also linked to the Federal Reserve, which is currently running an unprecedented $4.5 trillion quantitative easing program, MorningStar notes.

This program is designed to help the US meet its fiscal obligations.

The Federal Reserve has also been running an open-ended $1.4 trillion quantitative tightening program since the end of the financial collapse.

The new report also notes that there is significant slack in the economy due to inflation and the negative impact of healthcare cuts.

The economic data has also shown a slowing in business activity, which would also result in a slowdown in hiring and the loss of jobs.

The problem in the future is that there’s not much in the way of new investments, and the stock market is currently suffering from the drop in consumer confidence, Morning Star writes.

This has made it harder for companies to take advantage of opportunities, which has been hurting the economy, the company says.