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News Corp Australia has closed its last day of operations at its new Sydney newsstand, closing the last of the six newsagents that it operates in the state.

The newsstand in the CBD was opened in May after closing at its previous location at Kings Cross, and opened the following week to sell to News Corp. In an email to the ABC, News Corp said it “is happy to announce we have decided to close the remaining newsagents in NSW”.

“The closing of the Sydney newsagents will not affect the availability of the ABC’s News at Noon or any other ABC online platform,” it said.

“However, we are announcing that the ABC will be ceasing operations at all NSW newsagents.”

The ABC has been in operation in Sydney since 1881, but has been struggling with declining audience.

News Corp said the decision to close all its NSW outlets was made in response to the “high demand” for news in the city.

“While the ABC remains a viable source of news and entertainment for New South Wales, we have seen an increase in demand for ABC News and ABC News Online over the past year and we will be transitioning to a new strategy,” the company said.

It said that the decision would have a “material impact” on the operation of ABC Sydney and the ABC Network.

ABC News and the BBC are owned by News Corp, while the ABC and Radio Australia are owned collectively by News Limited.

The News at Five program, which has attracted more than half a million viewers, will remain on air in New South Warria.

The ABC’s newsroom in Sydney was also shut down in July following a two-year hiatus due to the closure of News Corp’s flagship Sydney Morning Herald and the closure for the ABC.

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