Bbc Daily Service

What is your daily liturgical service?

A. The day I give birth, the day I die, or the day my spouse dies?

B. The birthday of the child I have or the birthday of my spouse?

C. The first day of a new month?

D. The third week of Ramadan?

E. The feast of the Lord’s Supper?

F. The celebration of the Holy Week?

G. The date of my wedding anniversary?

H. The birth of my child?

I. The anniversary of my marriage?

J. The beginning of Lent?

K. The new year?

L. The second day of the month?

M. The fifth Sunday of Lent (fall or spring)?

N. The Feast of the Dedication of the Temple?

O. The seventh Sunday of the new month (fall)?

P. The time I pray during Lent?

Q. The last day of Ramadan (fall) or the end of Ramadan, the first day or the last day after Easter?

R. The number of the Feast of St. Patrick (fall, spring, or summer)?

S. The days of the week (fall and spring)?

T. The dates of the festivals in the month of October?

U. The month of March?

V. The year?

W. The week in which I died?

X. The next day of Advent?

Y. The final day of Lent or Easter?

Z. The name of my cat?