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France is the latest country to have banned online job listings, with the country’s central government saying it will ban listings from any service that offers online jobs.

The move follows France’s announcement last week that it was banning jobs from job-centres on its social network, and the decision to suspend a French government program that lets people apply for French jobs through social media.

It comes just weeks after the government of President Emmanuel Macron suspended the hiring of new employees from a network of French companies that allow applicants to apply on the website, allowing some to bypass the ban.

The decision comes amid mounting criticism from the business community of France’s increasingly tight labour market and the widespread fear of job insecurity that has led to unemployment exceeding 20 per cent in some regions.

But the move will also make it easier for French companies to fill the gap created by a government program called the “franchise network”, which allows companies to hire employees without having to hire workers on site.

This year alone, France had a total of 4.5 million jobs open, according to government figures, and around a quarter of them were in service sectors, such as public administration and finance.

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